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Long Kwento

NEW DATE: October 12, 2023, 7 pm

Center for Art, Research and Alliance

225 W 13th Street, NYC

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April 8 - October 8, 2023

The Outwin: American Portraiture Today

Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL


Modern Art Notes Podcast

Episode No. 614 of The Modern Art Notes features curator Kate Clarke Lemay and artist Maia Cruz Palileo.

Palileo’s work often extends from research they conducted at the Newberry Library in 2017. The library holds significant research collections related to the US imperial project in the Philippines, including a watercolor album by Damián Domingo and photographs made by Dean C. Worcester, a US zoologist who worked in the Philippines. 

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Cerebral Women Podcast

Episode 152: Maia Cruz Palileo

Ep.152 features Maia Cruz Palileo (they/them), a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings, installations, sculptures, and drawings navigate themes of migration and the permeable concept of home.

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Articulated: Dispatches from the Archives of American Art, Season 2 Episode 8: By Gut and Heart: Painting with Kay WalkingStick 

In this episode, Brooklyn-based painter Maia Cruz Palileo navigates Cherokee painter Kay WalkingStick's journey with family, art, and history. From grappling with heritage to creating art that transcends boundaries of all kinds, follow the evolution of WalkingStick's practice along the path she has painted all her own. 

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